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April-May 2024: MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS – A Trauma Healing Journey to find your Inner Power and Self Esteem Workshop

What do you want in life?

Wealth? Loving partner? Perfect health? New, bigger Appartment or house? Better job?

You can have it! So what is blocking you?

Your traumas and negative belief system, coming from the family or society. You thoughts like: “I can’t!” “I don’t deserve it” “I am not enough” “I don’t have luck” etc.

It all put you in a state of a victim – never achieving your goals, left unhappy, anxious and always disappointment in life. But it’s high time to change it!

Throughout this immersive five-week journey, you’ll jump on an intimate exploration of your belief system and create a new supporting one. How? Through guided meditation sessions and personalized coaching. Each session will empower you to dive into the depths of your aspirations, identifying and overcoming the obstacles standing between you and your dreams.

The workshop has a hybrid frame. Coaching sessions and personalized meditations are lead on ZOOM. Nevertheless, I know how important it is to meet with the others to exchange energy and give each other suport. In this case, closing circle will be live in my LOFT in Mile End, Montreal (where I teach Yoga classes).


1 Opening circle – via ZOOM

4 Group Classes with homework to heal your mind – via ZOOM

4 Private Meditation classes with my supervision – via ZOOM (we agree on meeting dates and hours)

1 Closing Circle – Live at my Loft Studio in Mile End


Early Bird (paid till 31st of March 2014) $199

Normal Price: $240

Instalments: $125 (first one paid till 11th of April and second till 11 of May 2024)

Payment by e-transfer (Interac) using my email address:

Limited capacity: max 5 people


11. April at 7 pm: Opening circle – WHAT DO I WANT TO MANIFEST AND WHY?

18. April at 7 pm: Group session 1 – WHAT NEGATIVE BELIEFS DO I HAVE AND WHY?

25. April at 7 pm: Group session 2 – WHAT IS BLOCKING ME?

2. May at 7 pm: Group session 3 – HOW TO ACCEPT AND LOVE MYSELF?

9. May at 7 pm: Group session 4 – FINDING MY SELF-ESTEEM AND INNER POWER.

14. May at 7 pm: Closing circle LIFE at LOFT Mile End – BELIEVING IN MYSELF.


Each student receives 4 private meditation classes with my supervision. You can do it in between 11 April – 30 June, although I highly recommend to make them during the workshop period 11th April – 15th May. We both agree on meeting dates and hours so they fit your needs and schedule.


Attention: Each student receives a FREE 4 class Yoga with Paulina membership that you can use on my Yoga or Dance Meditation classes. You can use in from 3rd April – 15th May 2024.


Manifest your dreams workshop Montreal


Early Bird till 31st March
$ 199
  • Early Bird Price till 31st March - each class costs $19,15
  • In April price will rise to $240
  • Price for: 6 group sessions and 4 private classes
  • Free Dance Meditation classes included


Two instalments
$ 125
  • Price consists of 2 instalments: $125 each
  • First instalment must be paid till 11 April 2024/ Second till 11th May 2024
  • The price includes: 6 group session s and 4 private classes
  • Free Dance Meditation classes included

What will you receive from the workshop?

1. Unearth Hidden Beliefs: Together, let’s uncover and dismantle the negative beliefs that have been holding you back, paving the way for new possibilities and boundless growth.

2. Release Stress: Through guided meditation and relaxation techniques, you’ll learn to let go of the burdens weighing you down, freeing yourself to embrace a life of ease and tranquility.

3. Ignite Action: Receive the motivational boost you need to take decisive steps toward your goals, fueling your journey with renewed vigor and determination.

4. Cultivate Self-Love and Esteem: Nurture a deep sense of love and acceptance for yourself, fostering a strong foundation of confidence and self-assurance from which to pursue your dreams.

5. Heal Inner Wounds: Heal the wounds of the past, whether they stem from relationships with your parents, childhood experiences, or other sources, allowing you to move forward unencumbered by past traumas.

6. Experience Community Support: Find solace, strength, and encouragement within our supportive community of like-minded women, where you’ll receive unwavering support, protection, and guidance every step of the way.

Are you ready? Join me for “Manifest Your Dreams” workshop and step into the life you were meant to live. Your dreams await—let’s make them a reality together.

Frequent Asked Questions:

What kind of formula the workshop has? – This is a HYBRID formula. Most of our meetings (group and private) are online via ZOOM application on your computer or phone. In contrary, the last one is live in my Yoga with Paulina Loft in Mile End, address: 5302 Boul. Saint Laurent, Montreal H2T1S1.

What if I miss a Group Meeting? – If you miss a group meeting – no big deal. All meetings will be recorded and you can watch them in a later period. Nevertheless, I highly recommend to join me live on Zoom, as it creates bigger impact on you and your life. The individual meetings are required but we arrange the dates together so they fit to both your and my schedule.

How many Group Meetings are included in the workshop? – There are total of 6 meetings: 1 Opening Circle, 4 group coaching and 1 Closing Circle. All dates and topics of group meetings you can find in the description, as shown above.

How many Personalized Meditations are included in the workshop? – There are total of 4 Personalized Meditations. It’s a 45-min long meeting where we discuss your issues in life and how my mentorship can help you. After that I choose of one healing meditation that can help you deal with them.

Why there are no dates or time slots for the Personalized Meditations? – The dates for Personalized Meditations are agreed by both of us: you and me. This way I am sure that all the meetings fit to your schedule. If you want we can arrange Zoom call at a certain date and time slot every week or we can mix dates. You have to fulfill all your Personalized Meditations by June 30th 2024.

Can I have Personalized Meditations after the Workshop ends? – Yes, you have time until 30th June, but I highly recommend to make them during the 5 week period of the workshop. It works much better is you use all the tools I offer complementary.

What kind of Membership is included in the workshop? – You receive a 4 class Yoga with Paulina membership. You can use those classes for my Yoga classes in Loft Mile End or for my Dance Meditation classes in Studio 303.

How long is the Free Membership valid for? – You can use it in April and May prior to my visit to Europe (on the 20th of May). As the result, you have time till 15th of May, when the last class of Dance Meditation will take place.  However, classes take place 3 times a week so I hope you can find dates that fit you best!

Can I mix classes in my Free Membership? – Yes, you can mix in between Yoga and Dance Meditation classes. But, if you prefer to choose only one genre (just Yoga or just Dance Meditation) you can do it as well!

How can I pay? – As mentioned above, you can pay full price or in 2 instalments. The best is e-transfer (Interac) using my email address:

Can I pay in more than 2 instalments? – Yes, it is possible. If you need more than 2 instalments, please write me for an individual ways of payment: