Yoga with Paulina Montreal is MORE THAN YOGA. It's a space where you can find your inner spark through Yoga, Dance and Meditation. Practicing with Paulina helps you to rejuvenate mind after a hectic day, nurture your physical well-being, and cultivate emotional harmony in every stage of life.

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First, find the best place to practice:

  • Yoga on the Terrace – summer Yoga with Paulina LOFT in Mile End, Montreal (5302 Boul. St. Laurent) – TUESDAY evening and SATURDAY morning

  • MCGill Sports and Recreation Centre (475 Pine Avenue West) – TUESDAY evening (summer break)

  • Studio 303 (BELGO Building, 372 Ste-Catherine O.) – WEDNESDAY evening (summer break)

  • Online: YouTube Yoga classes 

*Only in summer 2024 you get an opportunity to get a FREE trial class at Yoga with Paulina. How does it work? First of all, book the class of your choice. After, the class check the options for a membership pass and choose one you like. Pay the same day, you membership will start a week after. If you opt not to continue with regular attendance, there will be a one-time payment, a fee of $25.

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Frequently asked question:

Yes, yoga is an ancient science that teaches inner balance. This balance you can archive through movement (yoga asanas, dance), breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation.

During my practice I put a strong emphasis on the proper body alignment to ensure safe space for your body exploration, breath and mindfulness. Most importantly, I avoid very acrobatic asanas, as I teach yoga for “normal people” not athletes. Moreover, if you are a corporate worker spending 8 hours in frot of the desk or someone who deals with some emotional baggage – my classes are completely safe for you!

Yoga classes enhance physical strength, flexibility, and mental clarity while reducing stress. On the other hand, meditation sessions promote mindfulness and emotional balance, and our healthy nutrition tips empower you with knowledge for a vibrant, energized life. Overall, it improves both physical health and emotional well-being. Read more about the benefits of Yoga in my BLOG section.

At the moment the classes are in English only.

In Yoga with Paulina bookings are required. Simply, click any “Book Now” button or fill up the “Contact” section. That will transfer you to a booking form, where you choose your preferable class and date. If that doesn’t work you can always write me:

In the studio I provide yoga all props including yoga mats. But I highly recommend to bring your own yoga mat for your more comfort and hygiene.

In the studio we have 2 cat residents. They are very gentle, usually just sleep nearby. They live in the present moment and will calm you down.

I highly recommend to come at 5-10 minutes before beginning of your first class to detach from your busy day and find a preferable place for your yoga mat. Also please, be on time. I will not close my doors, however it is disrespectful to other students to join in the middle of a yoga session, especially if we are start with a meditation.