How to start your journey with Yoga - part 3: in-studio or online

So, you've started your journey with yoga. You booked your class and take care of yourself on the mat. Today, let's explore another subject: the Pros and Cons of Studio Classes versus Online Sessions at Home. This is the third part of my Yoga Guidance for only for beginner yogis.

Yoga, with its huge range of physical and mental benefits, has become a popular practice for everyone taking care of their bodies, mind and spirits. Whether you begin practicing yoga in a tranquil studio environment or the comfort of your own home through online sessions, both trainings offer unique advantages and drawbacks. Let’s dive into those pros and cons of practicing yoga in a studio versus embracing virtual classes from home.

Studio Yoga classes Montreal
Online Yoga with Paulina

First of all, yoga in the studio environment is the most common way of practicing. You leave all your problems behind and completely cut from problems and dramas at work or at home. However, is it the best way to start your yoga journey ? Let’s find out all the pros and cons of in-studio sessions: 


1. Guidance and Personalized Attention:

In a studio setting, instructors can offer hands-on adjustments and personalized guidance, ensuring proper alignment and technique, very important if you are just starting your journey with yoga. Moreover, the teacher might give you an additional push to get out of your comfort zone and try new things, you wouldn’t think of while practicing alone.


2. Community and Social Interaction:

Studios foster a sense of community where practitioners can connect with like-minded individuals, sharing experiences and building friendships. A lot of people meet their best friend through common exercises and cultivate them long term.


3. Dedicated Space and Ambiance:

Studios often provide a dedicated, serene space with ambiance conducive to yoga practice, free from distractions found at home. Very important for those, who are looking for a tranquil experience and want to calm the busy mind. Thank might be also very helpful when you start your journey with yoga as you can dive into deep benefits for both your body, mind and spirit.


4. Accountability and Commitment:

Scheduled classes in a studio can create accountability, motivating practitioners to adhere to a consistent practice routine. Moreover, it is easier to see your progress as you commit to a long term practice (like for the whole year etc.)


1. Time and Schedule Constraints:

Firstly, fixed class schedules may clash with personal commitments. Unfortunately, that might be challenging to attend regularly, especially in the fast paces world we all live in. Especially at the very beginning of you journey, you might have problems to fins so much time and commit long term.


2. Cost Considerations:

Secondly, studio memberships or drop-in fees can be expensive, limiting accessibility for some practitioners. Moreover, with the global inflation all prices went up, including prices of yoga.


3. Travel and Commute:

Thirdly, commuting to and from the studio can be time-consuming, especially in busy urban areas, adding to the overall time investment.

Studio Yoga classes Montreal

As you see, studio session have both pros and cons – and that applies for both beginners and advanced yogis. But how does it look for Online Classes at Home. Let’s find out below:


 1. Convenience and Flexibility:

Practicing yoga at home offers unparalleled convenience, allowing practitioners to fit sessions into their schedules at their own pace. Moreover, you can find much shorter trainings than the ones in-studio (like: 20-min, 30-min yoga session) so you can always squeeze one in your busy day.


2. Cost-Effectiveness:

Online classes often come at a fraction of the cost of studio memberships, providing access to a wide range of instructors and styles. Moreover, you can find a lot trainings completely for free on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and personalized challenges that keep you on tracks.


3. Personalized Environment:

Practicing at home creates a personalized space where individuals can tailor the environment to suit their preferences, fostering comfort and relaxation.


4. Access to Diverse Instructors and Styles:

Online platforms offer access to a multitude of instructors and yoga styles from around the globe, allowing practitioners to explore and diversify their practice. That means, you can find style your body craves for and the instructor that resonates with you.

Online Yoga with Paulina


1. Lack of Direct Supervision:

Practicing without direct supervision might lead to incorrect posture or alignment, potentially increasing the risk of injury. That’s why Online Yoga is usually not recommended to people who are complete beginners and have never done yoga in their life!


2. Distractions and Lack of Focus:

Home environments may be prone to distractions, making it challenging to maintain focus and mindfulness during practice. Whatever it is: kids playing, pets disturbing or just an unexpected call from your boss if you have a remote job – it can all lead to stopping your practice and not coming back on the mat.


3. Technical Issues:

That can happen to everyone. Connectivity problems or technical issues with devices can disrupt the flow of online classes, affecting the overall experience.


Whether you opt for studio classes or online sessions at home, both offer distinct advantages and limitations. The choice ultimately depends on individual preferences, lifestyle, accessibility, and the specific goals of the practitioner. For some, the community and guidance in a studio might be necessary, while others may cherish the flexibility and comfort of practicing in their own space. Exploring both options and finding the right balance could enrich one’s yoga journey, allowing for a more fulfilling and sustainable practice.

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