On Wednesday 13th Sep. at 7:45 pm, I start new class in Studio 303, 372 Ste. Catherine Montréal (BELGO building). It's called DANCE MEDITATION. But what it is exactly? I've decided to give you a glimpse.

Dance Meditation Montreal

Dance Meditation is a transformative journey that fuses dance and meditation to awaken your true self. During the 75-minute practice we create a non-judgemental space where you can connect with your inner self through movement, voice, and mindfulness.

It’s based on the philosophy of Yoga and my previous Dance background. I guide you through a dance improvisation, meditation and other holistic practices. It’s not dancing to a specific choreography, but an authentic and spontaneous movement within a quiet music background to release the emotional baggage. Each class is different, we work on a specific topic (chakra, grounding or emotion) to find tranquility, and joy and inner balance.

Each session ends with 15-20 minutes of meditation or Yoga Nidra, deepening your self-connection.

Very important NOTE: No previous experience in dance, yoga or meditation is needed.

It is my original practice, that I will teach in Canada for the first time. You can find more information about it on the Studio 303 website or on my page.

Important notes before you start:

  • we dance barefoot of in socks
  • every exercise or instruction is more an invitation than obligation
  • listen to your body, you can keep eyes closed during the practice whenever you want
  • occasionally group tasks, voice exercises, writing or jumping might be encountered
  • you are always allow to pause whenever you need
  • if something doesn’t resonate with you, gently set up your boundaries
  • we all share the responsibility to co-create a safe environment leading to harmony and freedom
  • classes are in English
Dance Meditation class Montreal

25$ single class

70$ for 4 classes card (valid for 30 days)

175$ for the whole season (12 classes once a week/ valid till 27th March)

Payment: CASH or e-transfer (email address and phone number)

Registration:  paulinagrocho@gmail.com 

Location: Studio 303, 372 Ste-Catherine O., Montréal, QC, H3B1A2 (BELGO building)

What do you need need? Comfortable clothes and water. You might need a pillow (available in the studio) or yoga mat for the final meditation/Nidra. You are invited to bring your own yoga mats for hygiene and comfort.