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Free Dance Meditation class: Open Day at Studio 303 on April 6th

At the beginning of each season, the studio where I teach Dance Meditation classes is organizing a special event: OPEN DAY. It’s a free of charge sneak peak of each classes, including my Dance Meditation that you can experience at 2 pm on the April 6th.


Dance Meditation is my original class where I blend my dance background and Yoga trainings. I am using a philosophy of yoga, the centre of which is Meditation. Meditation can release traumas, heal inner wounds, cure your relationships with yourself or others and most importantly – bring you a deep state of balance, peace and ease. Nowadays, people tend to forget about it. Yoga classes for most mean acrobatic figures you perform on the mat, although it is more! All my classes finish with a slight meditation, even for two minutes.

The same experience you get in my Dance Meditation, but instead of asanas – we DANCE. And it’s a free dance, based on authentic movement, improvisation and my visual guidance. During the class there is no right or wrong. You dance like you like, your body and sky is the limit. That opens your mind even more and prepares the body for a deep work you do, by the end of the class.

Each practice finishes with a 15-20 minute Meditation or Yoga Nidra (meditation lying down). I always prepare the topic of the class (or the month). The previous topics includes: each chakra, emotional healing, fun & freedom, pleasure, deep body connection, manifestation.


I am preparing a class on the topic of HEALING INNER CHILD. It’s a beautiful theme, that allows you to find freedom and silliness as well as healing traumas you received from your childhood. These traumas might be some this very little, almost unrecognizable wound, but they stayed with you forever. They might be triggered in your adult life, leaving you hopeless, anxious and unhappy. But life is beautiful, and I hope my class will, hel you find that pease and amusement you need on everyday basis.


It’s a free event that doesn’t require signing in. Nevertheless, I highly encourage you to come at least 5-10 minutes before to get the whole experience of that class. 

My Dance Meditation starts at 2 pm on Saturday on April 6th at Studio 303 (372 Ste-Catherine O., Belgo building, 3rd floor on the left). You can use both the stairs and the lift.

And, if you decide to stay with me on regular basis, you get:


Experience the magic of your first class on the house. If you decide to embrace the transformative journey with a membership afterward, that first class is on me. Your membership kicks in a week later, giving you ample time to revel in the benefits of your newfound practice. It’s what I like to call the Free Trial. Explore all our promotions and prices HERE.


Whenever you have a free Saturday or want to join with your friends, my Dance Meditation is a great option not only to meet me but to move your body and heal one part of you. Together let’s dance, laugh, and experience this bliss together!

Check the promo for my Birthday Dance Meditation class on the 28th February 2024: